Friday, 17 February 2012


WOARRRR!!!! long time seriously not see yawp!! :O huhuuu... hurmm..what kind of title i want to story yaa???..hurmm..*Thinking... o.O??
ouh 29/1 last month, my course make an course club's name...'Unikop Business Club'..hohoo..such a nice name huh..
alright..we already make an event at Cyberjaya Lake that called CHILLAX!!! we Chill at evening and we Rilax at night..hahaa..sound weird.....and interesting..=='' at evening...then we called it.....
yoss! alright then.. there are 8 checkpoint... as AJK when we heard bout checkpoint.. explorace.. heeeheeeeehee (a dirty plan came in mind)... before we start the explorace, each team have to decorate their own flag and cheer..there are 6 teams join in this game which are team from chocolate, pink, purple, orange, blue and green.. colourful right... 

first check point is 'guess a picture' that u made.. this game such a simple one.. cause first person need to draw, second person also need to draw.. n pass it until the last person that need to guess it right.. hehee

next station is 'guess a taste' this station u need to taste the 'thing' we gave...we play with an emotion here..hohoo...they mix a biscuits with tamarind and cinnamon powder and a little chilies to make it more 'delicious'..hahaa


hahaa..look!! thats our president!! he..he...promote HL milk..yummy..its taste good!! u need to taste it..*promote..promote too... (✿◠‿◠)

other checkpoint is 'beautiful' this station u need to dress up your friend with a scarf n wages ...huhuu..cute!! ...interesting right..hohooo

pity for him..hahaa..he need to wear that scarf..its the name of sacrifies.....hohoo (T^T)

next checkpoint is 'make up!!' this checkpoint u need to choose one person to lend his/her face in this activity..another person must be close his/her eye before make up his/her friend with direction from team members.. lovely~ .¸.•❤• 

the fifth checkpoint is bout 'resting your leg' this station, u need to remove your lovely shoes and walk in the scary bridge before u answer the question, if 'them' (ajk) saw u with shoes..hewhewhew..u need to start from begin...hohohoo..NICE!

scary bridge
scary questions
then, checkpoint is about eating...'Yummmyy!!' =P ... eat until finish!! oyeahh i like it!... combination from cincau, kuew tiaw, jelly, canned fruits.....hohoo0o...really tasty huh....hehee.. before that competitors must choose whether they want eat by using stick or scoop....interesting! =D

seventh checkpoint is....herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~ in this checkpoint u must have second eye...hahaa..u have to close your eye, hold the jug with brine (air garam) and bring it toward your friends and pour it into the glass...u know what..the great moment is when u need to drink that water until u its just a joke..hehee..just drink it until finish... (✿◠‿◠)


last but not least...8th checkpoint is about 'short drama' this checkpoint.. u need to make anything that can make our facilitator laugh... seriously they need more harder to make them such a hard moment huh....fuhhh~


hard facilitator..huhuu

fuhhh~ after many hours we take to complete the explorace...its time for relax!!!! yipppie!! btw, when my friends are out there fight, strive their battle and enjoy the activities...i..i...i........... just only sit properly at hall prepared for the 'chillax UBC night'... X_x'' ..its NOT fair!!!! tsskk..tsskk.. (T^T) ~its called clubs sacrifice~ HAHAA

hehee..and the moment that everyone wait is COMING... 
glad to heard that they are satisfy for the taste of food... yupzz.. indeed its nice and delicious.. its the good news.. and the bad news i don't have a time to snap picture for food... pity for that food... =(




so we end the event at 11:00 p.m ....huhuu... n for me.. don't forget to prepared for test LAW tomorrow... NICE! ==''

~end of story~


  1. nurpiska :..hehe..mestilah..rugi kaq piska x join tw....huhuu =D